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Dan Blacharski

Charoenkwan "Be" Blacharski is an award-winning writer, poet and journalist in her native Thailand. Be received a bachelor's degree in literature from Thammasat University in Bangkok, and her master's degree in environmental education from Mahidol University.

Her work has appeared in Bangkok Magazine, Naewna, and other prominent Thai publications. She is also an award-winning poet, including the prestigious Parliamentary Literary Award, and the author of six successful books.

Be lives in the United States but travels often, most recently to Washington D.C., Egypt and Thailand. Her expertise on Southeast Asian political developments and environmental issues are invaluable to Ugly Dog Media, as is her facility in writing exclusively in Thai for her Southeast Asian clients.

Charoenkwan is also a gifted photographer whose visual storytelling skills serve some Ugly Dog Media clients. Yes, there really is a dog, and Pladook would be lost without her!
Laureen Fagan

Ugly Dog Media founder Dan Blacharski has 25 years of experience in PR and marketing, with an emphasis on finance, business strategy, the tech sector and startups. 

His experience working in the San Francisco Bay Area and within the Silicon Valley culture serves as the foundation for Dan's writing today for a wide range of U.S. and international clients, notably with IT and integration clients, and predictive analytics, business-growth and foresight consultancies.

Dan is co-author of "Cloud Computing Made Easy," and received his bachelor's degree in Creative Writing with a Russian Literature minor from University of California, Santa Cruz. Dan has been published by the Wall Street Journal, IT World, and other mainstream and trade press outlets, with countless PR client placements - and improved visibility - for strategic integrated marketing products that include white papers, blog posts, case studies and more. An Indiana native, Dan has lived in both Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia. He has strong French skills, with basic facility in Polish and Thai.
Laureen's expertise includes 15 years as an award-winning media and PR professional, with experience at CBS and Fox broadcast affiliates in the U.S., and in print and wire-service newsrooms in Chicago, Washington D.C. and Jerusalem.

Her work includes strong social media, blog and online breaking-news experience, but much of her career focuses on news features and deep analysis. As a former paramedic with significant experience in community resilience and in nonprofit community development initiatives, Laureen maintains "a passion for action" on sustainability and climate change. She also is trained in conflict resolution and diversity.

Laureen received her MSJ from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, and completed additional graduate study at University of Notre Dame in Theology/ Hebrew Bible that includes French,
Arabic and Hebrew study, with minimal Spanish skills. In addition to tech and business, Laureen creates high-quality informed content on international affairs, politics, health care, culture and religion.
Charoenkwan Blacharski
เจริญขวัญ บลาฮาสสกี้