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What does a typical campaign look like?
We are a full service PR and marketing agency that specializes in creating and placing high quality, thought leadership articles in publications that are relevant to your industry. In addition to concept development, creation, and placement of bylined articles, we offer development of other marketing collateral such as in-depth white papers and case studies, press release campaigns, regular monitoring of editorial calendars for media mention and quote opportunities, blogging, and social media assistance.

Single Piece Campaign. Suited for those who have an immediate need for a single article or white paper. Includes initial consultation, creation of article suited to your needs, and placement as needed.

Entry-Level Thought Leader Package.
Suited for smaller firms or start-ups looking for a "stake in the ground". Includes ideation and consulting, and ongoing development and placement of bylined articles.

Momentum Thought Leader Package.
Best for more established companies that have existed for more than two years. In addition to development and placement of bylined articles, includes a press release campaign, and development of select marketing collateral.

Executive Thought Leader Package.
Suited for somewhat larger and more established firms that have already made some traction in media visibility, and need a more customized approach to thought leadership. May include development of white papers and other marketing collateral, assistance with trade show presence, speaking opportunities/webinars, speech writing, and other services as needed.

What kind of articles do we write?
Every article we write for you is created to the highest publication standards. It's important to differentiate between the thought leadership pieces we create for you, and low-budget "SEO articles" offered by content mills and through high-volume online platforms populated by anonymous providers.

Articles and other collateral that reference your company and brand form the foundation of your reputation and your identity, and are meant to enhance your value. When you retain our services, you rely on us to develop and enhance your corporate identity, your visibility and your reputation as a thought leader, and we take that seriously. Articles we create are always written to the highest journalistic standards, suitable for publication in leading periodicals that are relevant to your industry. Our articles - with your byline - offer something of lasting value that you can be proud of, and will serve as proof to your clients and potential clients that you are truly a leader in your industry.

We are real people.
Good public relations and thought leadership development should never be provisioned anonymously. If the only contact you have with the person writing your article is messages exchanged in an online B2B board, and you know them only by a cartoon icon and a screen name like "GoodWriter1843", then you're not serving your goal of establishing credibility for your company.

Think of us as your virtual marketing department. We begin each engagement with a launch call - this lets you meet the senior PR counsel that will be on your team, and gives us an opportunity to learn more about your company and your unique value. During this initial discussion, we will interview you and ask probing questions that will give us the information we need to best serve your goals. We do recommend regular phone updates if possible, and we are always available.

It's not just "content."
We are not a "content mill." A common but outdated strategy for search engine optimization simply seeks to create hundreds of low-quality, superficial articles that are packed with keywords, but have no meaningful content, and then place those low-quality articles in "article submitter" sites that emphasize link volume over quality, and artificially created blogs that exist only for the search engine. That strategy does not serve the goal of thought leadership, and at the end of the day, only lessens your brand value. We don't call ourselves "content providers" - we are writers and seasoned journalists, PR specialists, and marketing experts - and we provide the real thing.